Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Testimonies in Argentina

This fast and testimony meeting was wonderful. The bishopric pointed out that this was the last Sunday of 2010. Crazy! Person after person came bore their testimony. What impressed is what one sister does for her Christmas decorations. She said the last week of November she goes on a cleaning frenzy! She cleans the dust, cobwebs, and everything! The first days of Christmas she puts up her decorations to remember Christ her lord. She told us that she wanted the spirit of Christmas to be present and for this reason she cleaned as perfectly as possible. This sister tends to be extremely busy all the time and one day her 80 year mother told her to stop and rest. The sister /daughter looked at her mother and told her she did not have time to rest because she has to work for the Lord. This sister loves to visit less active members and bring them to church.

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