Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rain-the test!

The rain here hsa been realyly intense, and our last Sunday's attendance was really low and they it rained everday after that and so we were thinking it was gonna be the same this past Sunday, but we woke up to a beautiful dommingo(Sunday). !!! It was sunshine!!! And yet there were still people that didn't come to church whose excuse was last time that it was raining...Heavenly Father truly was testing them...ok, I'll take away the rain so that you can go to church....pero wala gihapon. (they didn't also.) I love you all so much and the church is sooooo true.

Melanie's comment: When we were in Hawaii recently it rained almost every day and I imagined the climate must be similar to the Philippines. The rain there is nothing like I've ever experienced; it's not 'drops' of rain, but 'sheets' of water pouring out of the sky for hours upon hours. We would of course run for shelter when it rained and I kept reminding myself-Megan works in this type of weather on a regular basis, she can't 'run' from it or she would spend most of her time inside avoiding missionary work! She's amazing!

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