Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Josh's 12-13-10 e-mail

This week on Friday we performed as a missionary choir in the Carmen. The Carmen is further up in the mountains. We have been practicing every time we have had district meetings. I believe we sounded all right due to only having time to practice one time every week for a month. We went to the Carmen and only five people showed up! But hey, we did have five. During our performance a rain storm came in and cut the power in all of Jujuy!!! We didn´t have a piano either because it is a plug-in piano. So we sand acapella. It was great! The spirit was present and we could feel our testimonies grow about our beloved Savior. The final song brought tears to my eyes. During the entire concert the storm kept getting more intense. Rain, and then hail, and then wind. We couldn´t hear very well, but during the final song the storm stopped. The song was Silent Night. It was so beautiful! I knew without a doubt and I still do right now that Christ our Savior was born to save us. After we left the chapel we discovered the streets were flooded. We were soaked by the time we got home! We had to go through the streets in order to get to the bus station. Like I said before the power had been cut and that included in our little town also! It was dark and scary. The only light we had was when a car passed by. We managed to get back to our apartment in safety and lit candles to help us see in the dark. It reminded me of the importance of putting light in our lives. We absolutely have to use the sword of the spirit and read the scriptures to help us get home. About a hour or two after the blackout, the lights came back on. We were able to walk without fear and not in the darkness.

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