Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are you flying?

Pres. Malit told this story about an eagle that was born with a bunch of chickens. He grew up with them-therefore acting like them, eating like them, but because of this, never knew he had wings-nonetheless, never thought that he had the ability to fly! One day another eagle saw him from high on the mountain. He swooped down and shouted at the other, "come up here, I'll teach you how to fly!" So the other eagle joined his new teacher and learned how to fly. He never thought that he would be able to do this-because the chickens never flew like this. Then his teacher had to leave and go on with his life-so he returned back to the chickens-and returned back to how he used to live-like a chicken!! So it is with us-Pres. Malit related this to missionaries of course-we go to mission conference, we learn exactly how to help these people, we get really excited and all pumped up...and then we go back to our apartments...and continue to forget to how fly. We have everything we need to be completely happy, well off, financially stable...have peace, but we forget to rise above and fly like we know how! Sometimes it's hard to live what you learn, to do what you preach. That is the test!!

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