Thursday, April 8, 2010

Josh's 4-5-10 E-mail

So…conference! I had the opportunity to listen to it in English! I wanted to try in Spanish so I listened to two sessions in Spanish and three in English. It was so amazing! They say if you go to conference with a question, it will be answered! Well, it´s true! I had three main questions and in the first session of conference they were answered!!! One message I know that wasn't direct, but that I obtained during conference is during trials we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel during the trial, not just when we get to the end. Truly this a gift from God and a gift from the Holy Ghost. If we don´t think we have rest in this life, we can hope that we will have rest in the next. The story about the baby dying and the family blaming everyone(by Donald Halstrom) is an example of this. They did´t learn to lean on Christ. We have a choice in our lives, depend on our perfect brother who knows every trial we go through and more or we let our fallen brother beat us around and blame everyone for our trials. I need to work on this so much better! Truly learn to depend on Christ.

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