Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hug Someone!

Random encounterings every week here in the philippines: Cockroaches running around your counter tops and walls, Mice that poop in your broom, Spiders in your bathroom behind the toilet, Burn outs(a period of time without electricity) almost every day-sometimes in the middle of a lesson at night and then you have to walk home, Rice every day, Fans at night, Mosquito nets around your bed, 3 hours of doing laundry by hand in a barrel, Buying fish at the market straight from the sea that morning, riding in pot pots(a bike that has a side car for passengers), Afternoon rain storms, Lessons by flashlight...and sooo many more that will just have to wait.
I have no time right now to write you!!! But will you please-where ever your hubby is or your kids are or your dog...or your self....will you please hug for me? Sometimes a missionary has strange requests.

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