Thursday, April 8, 2010

Josh's 3-22-10 e-mail

This week we received a awesome family to teach. It was a contact of a member who works for this man. He came with us and when we walked up to their house I was surprised!!! It is super super nice and expresses richness!!! I was kinda worried if they would accept us because usually the people in wood shacks and dirt floors down the street accept us into their houses. Their names are Nestor and Beatrice and they are amazing!!! They had some really rough times before and wanted to know God. So they asked our member friend about his religion and that is how we got involved. We have only visited them twice, but they already do things members would. They have prayers before meals and before they go to bed, and they read the scriptures. I am excited to know them better in the future and I hope they will want to be baptized and follow the example of Jesus.

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