Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Megan's 4-11 e-mail

There is this one boy who works at the terminal that I always see and kept forgetting to grab Tagolog and not Cebuano from the house for him- a pamphlet,but on Saturday on our way to conference- I had one in my bag and I gave it to him and said Basaha!! Read(in command form) telling him to read it...and just like everyone that I give pamphlets to, I never know for sure what they will do with we were pulling out he was sitting in his little booth-his work station-with the pamphlet right open, reading it!!! I was soooo happpy!! I really really wanted to jump up and down- but I was in the van!!! I kept squealing and Sister Farnworth was just smiling, staring at me---it was such a strange sensation!! It's like I had gotten the present for christmas I wanted all year. And then I realized something...if I am feeling this at him reading...I just thought about the excitement and PURE and perfect joy I will feel when I can become more and more of an instrument. That is all I want. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! I am nothing. I am nothing!!! SO I need Heavens help! I need your prayers.

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