Thursday, April 8, 2010

Megan's 3-22-10 E-mail (notice the Cebuano!!)

There are so many hungry people in this world. just like the scripture says: "they are not hungry from bread or water, but from the word of God". We were walking to an appointment on Friday and saw that the house that our investigators live in had a bunch of guys smoking and drinking-siempre (of course) we were a little hesitant. We kept walking and asked if Stephanie was there? "Pwede mangutana? Naa si Stephanie?" An older Tatay(dad) said, "yes!", and offered us a seat outside. There was this one guy sitting at the door smoking and started talking to us. He asked me if it was not ok for us to smoke. "Bawal cigarellio sa inyo?" I told him that your body is a gift from your Father in heaven. "Siempre dili maayo no? Kay imong lawas usa ka gasa gikan imong amahan sa langit." One by one, the last people for the lesson was Stephanie, her sister, Dad, Mom, and Brother, and this guy-his name is Lucio. I did not understand him completely, but I could understand him enough to want to help him more than anything else- to hear him struggle in his words and his actions, the ways his hands stuttered to communicate what he was trying to say-I don't know why but I was filled with love for him. He has one eye that is masked over, but every time he looked at me he just smiled. We taught him about baptism and repentance and told him that is wasn't good to smoke or drink and that he should be a good example to his friends and be the one to say no-because he said he wanted to stop. He kept saying, just right now, I know the truth, I have learned the truth. He gave the closing prayer-there are so many people that when we invite them to say the closing prayer, in our first lesson, they say, thank you for "among bisita diri aron kami kahibalo so kamatuoran" "our visitor here so that we know the truth." It made me think of the song, how will they know? Sometimes it just takes someone to tell them, "no, you shouldn't do that", and then they won't. They never had someone to tell them not to do something, and so they did it.

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