Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Josh's 4-12 e-mail

This week I read about Alma's conversations with his sons. All of them stood out to me, but I would like to talk about Shiblom and Corianton. To me Shiblom sounds like the most persecuted. It is in Alma 38. It says that Shiblom was even stoned and bound, but he went on. I believe the average person would’t want to go on after this, but Shiblom did because he loved Jesus Christ. Maybe we will have people talk behind our backs or we might even lose all our money, but shall not go on in such great a cause. Corianton is whom we might call the rebel child, he committed a great sin. But Corianton is for the people who think repentance is too hard or because they have sinned they cannot live in the celestial kingdom. Corianton repented of his sins! He went on. He shows the fruits of repentance in Alma 43 verse 1. It says the Alma and his sons, went forth to preach the gospel. All changes are possible with God. We try our best and God changes our hearts.

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