Monday, October 18, 2010

John the Baptist

During our Elders' quorum class, I learned something new. Well, not new, but something I need to be more grateful. We ask who gave Joseph Smith the Aaronic Priesthood? John the a boring voice. I know I have done it. But this is JOHN THE BAPTIST!!!!!!!!!!!! He was born to prepare the people for Jesus Christ. He ate locust and honey! (That doesn´t sound very good:( ) He wore camel skin. Not very many people in the history of the world have been born with such a purpose like John. The thing I learned is when we aren't graateful for the little things we aren´t very grateful for the big things. It´s easy to say we are grateful, but do we show that we are grateful? Actions speak louder than words. I believe if we don´t show our gratitude that it can even lead down that we don´t feel grateful for Jesus Christ. Do you believe it is possible? I do because it happened with one of Christ's apostles. I hope this day we can be grateful for John the Baptist, other things, and more than anything our Savior Jesus Christ.

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