Monday, October 18, 2010

Wings to fly...(Josh)

We had transfers or changes and I am staying with my same companion! This is now the longest area that I´ll be in. I´ll be here in this area for six months! I am excited and I feel blessed. This is where the Lord wants me and need´s me. We planning for Paola, Daniela, and Abigail to be baptized. They are a tender mercy of the Lord. They love church, they love prayer, they love the Book of Mormon. I guess we will just have to say what happens, but I know whatever happens it is the Lord´s will. From when I first got here until now, I am one of the few to stay. I have the longest time in the same area and in the entire zone! This morning we went to the terminal to say goodbye to the leaving elders and sisters. As we stood in line to help the missionaries load their things on the collectivo ( the bus). I was surprised to find about 30 missionaries in line to say goodbye. I was watching some missionaries crying and saying goodbye, others smiling and laughing because they are excited to stay. I thought of a parable. In life we often don´t want to leave our comfort zone. It´s where we are safe and we know everything is great there. We don´t want to go. But, we have to leave the nest. We aren´t meant to stay in one spot. The Lord wants us to fly. So fly we will and we have to learn. Growing is part of life. Leaving the nest is part of life. Missionaries grow comfortable in one spot in their area. They know they are safe and that they don´t have to leave, but at one time or another they have to leave. They need to learn how to fly. Don´t be afraid to leave the nest because you were given wings to fly, not just to sit in the nest.

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