Monday, October 4, 2010

Megan's 9-20-10 E-mail

This week was hard. It seems like the harder we try to get help these people, whom I love more than I think I've ever loved, they choose to not follow our teachings. It's truly a heartbreaking experience. We have been trying to fellowship a less active that wants to serve a mission. It's been such a struggle but I know that he'll come around SOME day. I love him so much and I want so much for him and his life! We keep seeing him smoke when he tells us he's not and we heard yesterday that he started drinking again. baaah! We don't know for sure but one of our investigators who's 12 may have joined them. I think that something happened to my tear ducts on the mission... because I can't cry! Maybe I was so depressed that my body just forgot that that's what you do when you're sad. We've been applying these trainings that weve been taught from the First Presidency these past few weeks, but our work has not improved!...There must be something were forgetting. We are sad to see the digression of some of our investigators, but Heavenly Father knows me so well, that when something like that happens, when that has happened, and we are so down, he puts someone in my path that is happy to see us or that does come to church, and all becomes well.

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