Monday, October 4, 2010

Megan's 9-27 E-mail

This week has been better. Our less actives are doing better and I had an experMMnce last Monday I'll never forget. We asked one of our less actives that wants to go on a mission if we could teach him. He said yes. At this point, we knew and he knew that we knew that he was drinking again. He knew that we knew who he was with and that it happened to be 3 of our INVEstigators!! He had come with us to teach and we had shared our concerns and feelings about it to him. We knew what was going on, and he knew that, but we had never talked about it to him. (Did I mention that he knew that we knew?) He had been coming back to church, to meetings, activities, and he had come a few times working with us to gain experience teaching and to fellowship our investigators, and yet was still struggling with this problem that we had only found out about recently. It broke our hearts! But we wanted to show him our love and that we knew that he could do anything if he Let God help him. So we came inside, sat down and asked him if before we started we could sing a hymn?? He agreed and so we sat there for a moment trying to pick which one. We decided on 'I stand all amazed'. We only had one hymn book, so me and sister blonquist sang a duet. We sang the first verse and finished the chorus when there was somebody at the door, somebody wanting to buy something at the tindahan, and so he had to get up and the spirit was broken a little bit. There seeemed to be a lot going on outside and it was just busy sounding. but he came back and we started the second verse over and everything went quiet. the spirit truly was like a fire burning, and he felt it too. The tears started and they only got more abundant as we kept singing. By the time we sang the last time through the chorus, his face was wet and his face distorted. I gave the prayer and he continued. After the prayer he expressed his feelings that at that time he was fasting for 2 days so that he could show God he was sorry for what he did. He still went to work even though he was weak and hungry. I can't explain the love that I was filled with for him at that time. I truly felt as if I was possessed by something higher that myself. We explained to him about repentance and God's love. He gave thanks for us for visiting him and teaching him. We expressed to him that we loved him and that we were here to help him if we could in any way. I know that he will go on a mission. He'll go to the temple. He will raise his family in the gospel. I have an unwavering belief in the power of faith. God will grant his missionaries their wishes for those they teach if they remain faithful. I love this work!!

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