Monday, October 18, 2010

Megan's 10-11-10 E-mail

Last Thursday a horrible thing happened! I got my "trunky letter." !!! 6 months. So I need some info: What is your contact number? And what is the name of the Stake President, his email, and contact number? 3 months before my departure date, no changes can be made to our plans.

Melanie's comment: Someone asked me what 'trunky' means to a missionary. When Rick (and previous generations) went on a mission they didn't take suitcases, they took a trunk to pack all their belongings in. So, being 'trunky' means they are packed and sitting on their 'trunk' waiting to go home. Obviously, not a compliment. I know everyone says that the time has gone so fast. Not so for me! It seems like she's been gone for years! I am so happy that she said this was a 'terrible thing' though. I am glad she is not anticipating coming home. She has expressed a desire for us to come there to meet the wonderful people she has met.

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