Sunday, October 24, 2010

Megan's reflection of General Conference

Just like President Monson said,something to this fact..."The human race has an incalculable ability to take things for granted.." We DO not realize what is around us! How we have been blessed literally beyond our own comprehension. I challenge you this week, to write down 500 blessings you have received during this week...and then tell me about how the experience went. It's amazing!!!! The Lord is so kind. Just like President Monson said, "He taught us how to live, he taught us how to pray," and then he taught us something else, that when President Monson said it went straight to my heart- "he taught us how to die." I heard once that if "we prepare ourselves to die, we prepare ourselves to live." He taught us that you die, giving everything you have, having given everything you've got. There's a term in the mission that when you're done with your service, you've died. I want to die like that! I want to die here having given everything I have for these precious people! Having done everything I can to help them on their long, but possible way back to Heavenly Father.

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