Monday, September 13, 2010

Together Forever!

I have been teaching the gospel doctrine class the majority of the time I have been here in Alberdi Jujuy. Yesterday, it was about how families can be together forever. I had just ordered a dvd called Together Forever. Perfect, huh? Anyways, I felt I should show this DVD to our little class of less active, new-members, investigators class. I had never seen it before, but took the chance and it was great! It shows about 4-5 families and the comfort they found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mainly focusing in the plan of salvation. I honestly hightly recommend watching this DVD. It is wonderful and very inspiring. It made me want to try harder than ever before to strive to have all my family members with me in the eternities and for a temple marriage.

Melanie's comment: Wow, do I feel like a bad mother. That DVD has been around for ages and we never showed it to our kids? Well, at least the younger kids...I know the older ones saw it because when Heather was leaving for college we listened to the 'theme' song and cried our eyes out!!

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