Sunday, September 12, 2010

Megan's 8-25-10 E-mail

Melanie's comment: We didn't get an e-mail on Monday, August 23rd and although I was very disappointed, I wasn't worried as I know there are several reasons she may not be able to e-mail. Then on Wednesday we got this e-mail from here. She references technology as I had mentioned it in my e-mail to her.

It's interesting that you talk about technology because being here has made me appreciate it at times, but also it's made me realize that our happiness should never depend on it because there are so many people that I know that have nothing but are full of joy. Our church will be done in September and we will all be going there and not having church in our little hut anymore. It will be a blessing as there will be rooms for every age group and a nice chapel and we are excited. It will be also a trial because of fare to get there and if they don't have money they will walk. There is always some kind of opposition in our lives. I didn't email on Monday 'cause we're at a training right now in Tacloban and it's been so amazing. President Malit's nieces from Orem, Utah lived with us for a week and are going to come back with us for another 3 days 'cause were fun, apparently. We are participating in a youth activity this Saturday and are hiking up to one of the falls in billiran island-maybe on of the ones that you saw a video of-I'm way excited. I hope that we make it!!!!! I have felt the spirit so strongly in the past 3days as we have done role play after role play, trying to apply the things that we have learned and I am excited to get working tomorrow.

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