Sunday, September 12, 2010

Megan's 8-30 E-mail

Bah!!!. Missionary life is hard!! I'm starting to feel the jerk back and forth from being so happy you could scream and then literally being in the depths of sadness when you see someone you love choose something contrary to what you have repeatedly taught them and committed them to stop doing...when people don't come to church that you've been praying for with all your heart and that you have tried to teach them the right way...when those that you've grown to care about SO much lie to you! I love these people. Maybe it's a blessing that I have no time whatsoever to just sit down and think about life because I'd just CRY! I am filled with almost a motherly love for these people-I want them to suceed in life, and go to school and go on missions and GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! And raise a family in the gospel and I just want them to bE HAPPPYYY and not to get involved in all the garbage that is offered to them every day.

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