Sunday, September 12, 2010

Josh's 8-30-10 E-mail

The Lost Lamb by Del Parson
This week we had a wonderful experience with a new investigator named Rosa. Rosa has a problem. Her son Samuel loves drugs, alcohol, and other things. She wants the best for him and we are here to help. We talked with her Wednesday and had another appointment Friday. Friday we introduced the Book of Mormon and a really neat experience happened. During the lesson as my companion was talking the story of Alma the Younger kept coming into my mind. Alma the elder wanted the best for his son as Rosa wanted wants the best for her son. We left this part to read, but even as we were explaining about Alma the Holy Ghost filled the room. It was amazing.
Their are three things that make me extremly excited in the mission, first, when they have an answer, second, when they come to church, and third, the day of their baptism. Those are the moments that keep me going when a single door doesn´t open in the day, when it 110 degrees and it seems you are in a oven, or the most difficult for me when another one of your spritual brothers or sisters doesn´t want to listen to a message that will change their life. Honestly as I think about now, these are nothing compared to what we truly should give to Jesus Christ. I read President Erying's priesthood talk. He related when he is tempted to rest from his prisethood duties, he has a battle cry, "Remember Him." I hope it to become my theme for life, Remember Him.

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