Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stand with God (Josh)

We received a reference from a member who works at a newspaper stand in our area. We went and met Julia. Julia has had a rough life. Let me tell you a little about her. She has 6 or 9 children. Her husband worked as a policeman, but enjoyed drinking. One time he came into the house drunk and shot his pistol running his family out of the house. Around age 65 he cheated on his wife with a 25 year old and ran away to Buenos Aires and has not returned since. One of her daughters got pregnant at age 13. She tried to give it away and even marry a couple of older, but nobody accepted her. One day Julia came home after her granddaughter was recently born and found her daughter in room with everything scattered and the baby nowhere to be found. She asked where the baby was to her daughter and she pointed to corner were all her clothes were piled. Realizing what happened she rushed over and pulled off the clothes to find her granddaughter suffocating. Now that granddaughter lives with her, but treats her poorly. Julia has learned to depend on God as she told us her experience. She stated, "without Him I am nothing." I learned two life lasting lessons from Julia that day. One without Him I am nothing and the second how do I treat others and Heavenly Father? How is my relationship with my Father in Heaven and my family and friends here? In the end will we be like Julia and stand with God?

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