Sunday, September 12, 2010

Megan's Monton family

Judith lives with her grandparents and they are...well, you can just tell that her living situation is difficult. She is so cute tho! She's truly my friend and I want to help her. She has a Book of Mormon and the pamphlets and we are teaching her tonight. She smokes and does drugs but I know she wants to change. I told Heavenly Father today, well, I'm always telling Him, the desires of my heart, and the things that I want for these wonderful people! We met 3 of the Monton kids through three different times places and with different people and only later realizing they were all apart of the same family. They are all three our investigators and I love them so much. They are Catholic and all three asked their dad about baptism and he got mad. I told Heavenly Father this and he told me to write them a note and give them a picture of Jesus. They can refuse our invitation to share the gospel with them, but who would refuse a gift?? So i will try this and I hope and pray that this family will be softened and will allow Jesus Christ into their lives and their hearts.

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