Monday, September 13, 2010

Josh's 9-13-10 E-mail

This week we had many powerful lessons with our wonderful brothers and sisters investigating the church. First of all, with David and Maria. David recently lost his work. He worked as a miner and I guess was doing very well, but was kicked off the team. He was devastated and worried. I was able to share the story of what happened to you Dad in Los Alamos. He had a couple of the same feelings. Worried and not sure what to do. After I shared this story with David, he started to bawl. I just looked him for a while, and then realized I was crying too. Afterwards we read the scripture how Christ has his arms stretched out to us. The Holy Ghost filled the room and we all felt His love. I don´t know if David and Maria will be baptized, but I know we left a lasting impression. I have confidence that one day they will, maybe not with us, but with others. Sometimes we are meant to be seed planters.

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