Monday, September 13, 2010

The Tizon Family

This week we have been repeatedly taken aback at the progression of one of the families that was baptized last month. They come with us working, they are fellowshipping their friends, they are firm in their testimony of the Book of Mormon, and Eugene, the Father, blesses the sacrament. We feel so lucky to have witnessed this miracle. Gingging, the mother, cant stop explaining his story and the kind of person that he used to be, only 4 MONths ago! He was a preacher for 10 years to a break off of the catholic church and stopped for a reason we haven't been able to find out. He then ended up with no religion but alcohol. She constantly tells us about how he would every day come home drunk from work, then he'd drink in the morning and go climb coconut trees(his work) drunk. She said that their neighbors were scared of him because he'd sometimes come home drunk, carrying a gun, and singing loudly, staggering. I have witnessed miracle after miracle after miracle with this family. They are a strength to the branch and he already has a calling. THey both know that the Book of Mormon is true. We were literally only a mouthpiece, we sat down, spoke words to them, and the spirit did EVERYTHING else!!!! I don't take ANy credit whatsoever for their complete conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they are converts and that when I met them, they weren't members of the church. I want this to happen to the Monton family, but it's harder than it was with the Tizon family.

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