Sunday, September 12, 2010

More missionary hating dogs...

Yesterday we went to go visit a less active family who needed a visit. After we left they came running out holding my Book of Mormon. I ran to go get it, but was attacked by five stinking little black dogs! My companion and the member we were with said it looked like I was dancing as I was avoiding the black dogs. I got to the end of the alley and bursted out laughing. We probably laughed for 5 minutes. I could not breath at the end! Hahaha. Two little girls also walked passed us, walked backed, looked up and said, Amor y Paz! (Love and Peace! ) and walked away. We started laughing again for 5 more minutes. My stomach hurt so badly!

Melanie's comment-I will have to 'make up' pictures for Josh's posts like I do for Megan's since he lost his camera cord.

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