Sunday, September 12, 2010

No dancing? That's a different religion...

We commited two sisters(one being the mom of one the 7 that were baptized a couple weeks ago) for baptism and they accepted. One of them we've been teaching for a while now and she said, 'When I get baptized, I've got to really be ready...". I kept wondering what was her concern, why doesn't she want it now...or just what was wrong and then it came out yesterday and we all had a little chuckle....haha I'm laughing again thinking about it..she said that she is some kind of important canidate in her senior citezen club and that she dances the cha cha and that's why she can't be baptized!!!! She thought that dancing was not okay and that when she the dance was over then then she could be baptized...she kept saying she knew that she needed to repent and be clean before he baptism and so after she was done dancing she could be rid of her sins!!!! Hahahahah!!!

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