Thursday, October 1, 2009

2nd e-mail 9-14-09

We had written notes to Josh so he knew we hadn't received the first e-mail. So he began his 2nd e-mail, "I am sorry. My e-mail didn't get sent. I know you must have been going crazy." (He's got that right!) "My companion is Elder Red. We have been made Zone Leaders. I guess it is super unusual for missionaries who have been here two weeks to have that happen to them." (That's my Joshua.) "I love all your letters! They are gold! I love them. I picture them as scriptures. Also, Eve and Camille have never made me laugh so hard with their picture/letter thing. I haven't laughed that hard since I came to the MTC. Megan cannot hug me! I'm sorry! but nobody said nothing about hand hugs. :)" "If you ever feel discouraged or that you cannot go on. The time has come for you knees to touch the ground and pray to a father who knows exactly what you need."

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