Monday, October 19, 2009

The 'sleepy' theme continues...

I had the worst and best learning experience this week! So every week we do a mock contact on Wednesday. My teacher Hermana Rizley was our contact and she is very difficult because she acts as really difficult investigator, which is good and sometimes very challenging. This week is BYU's midterms, which means Hermana Rizley didn't get much sleep! She fell asleep during our lesson! I felt really foolish and not like a very good missionary! We had been so boring, my teacher took a nap during our lesson. She felt really bad, but she taught us many things.

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mdustin said...

I love the blog. It is so fun to see how great they are doing.
My sister Marci and her husband
Bruce are at the MTC. Bruce is a branch president. They saw Josh last week. Said one look and they could tell he was a Dustin. They said he seems to be doing great. It took a little while for Josh to figure out the relantionship but he finally go it. Love to both of them.