Sunday, October 11, 2009

Josh' 10-5-09 e-mail

I realize I didn' tell you about the elder I fasted for! He is definitely staying. I am positive about it. I knew it was between him and the Lord, but I am glad he is here. It brightens my day.How was conference? Pretty amazing huh? I had questions that I brought to conference and one of them was, "how do I develop love for everyone, no matter who they are and what they have done?" President Utchdorf and President Monson solved that question in the first session! Megan gave me some advice. First that Michelangelo created David by first breaking him and then creating him. On the Joseph Smith movie we watched last night, Joseph said the Lord brings us down so that we might be brought higher. Life is hard sometimes, but that doesn't mean we are weak, just that we are learning...I still study the language in most of my free time, but I feel improvement and the Lord's hand in my life.

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