Sunday, October 11, 2009

Megan's 8 page epistle

This picture is called Heavenly Hands, by Greg Olsen and I thought it was just what Megan described in her letter.

The time limit on Megan's e-mail was too short, so she sent a follow up letter (actually two letters) to catch us up on all the details. She said everyone that knows Josh says, "He's the best! He takes all the sisters trays over at meals and makes all the other elders look bad." He is definitely polishing the Dustin name! She also said when she speaks Cebuano people around the MTC think she is speaking spanish. Hello is 'Kumusta'-sounds much like 'Como esta?' She said Cebuano is not a written language so to teach it they write it out phonetically. She has learned that it is not her job to convert someone, but only to invite them to come unto the gospel. She said she feels the spirit all day in the MTC. She said she can feel the angels all around her. "I am here on my mission FOR Jesus. I am here on my mission BECAUSE of Jesus. I am here on my mission TO TEACH ABOUT JESUS."

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Mandy + Aubrey said...

I love it! This blog is so great. Good job, Melanie. What a spiritual boost! That picture is one of my favorites, too. Emma saw it when she was two and she said, "That's Mommy!" So Aubrey calls it my angel picture. I'm glad Megan is doing okay and that there wasn't anything seriously wrong with scary! I admire her bravery so much. We are praying for both of them! WE love you guys! Good luck!