Sunday, October 11, 2009

A drive by shooting at the MTC?

Wednesday is Megan's p-day so we awaited the cherished e-mail. Well, we didn't get one, but we did get a phone call from the MTC. I was at work and Bridget called me to tell me the MTC called. She was sobbing so hard I could only understand the part, "The MTC called..." Of course, I thought it must be dreadful news to have upset Bridget so much. So I am trying to ask questions and listen through her tears, but I start thinking the worst...(How does someone die at the MTC... run over in the crosswalk on the way to the temple... reaction from an immunization... drive by shooting...). Then I start to tell myself, that wouldn't happen, but maybe one of them went a-wall... Finally, I piece together in between Bridget's sobbing that Sister Hatch just called to say she had the privilege of taking Megan shopping for a coat and that she was a wonderful girl. Oh, be still my little heart (it really was pounding by now). What a relief! I asked Bridget why she was crying so hard about that and she said that Sister Hatch just made her miss Megan soooooo much!


jdust said...

How sweet. Oh, and thanks for the title of your post- It got my heart pounding too. You gave me a little scare there.

whatyoudidn'tKNOWlton said...

I love the post mom! I was laughing so hard ! Soo sorry that you were so scared though, I can understand why you would have been!