Thursday, October 1, 2009

3rd e-mail 9-21-09

So we had our first group of new missionaries this week as zone leaders! They are very nice and great missionaries. One of them wanted to go home and I went and talked to him for a long time. I am even fasting for him today and I even went to the temple today, that he might have a spiritual experience that would help him stay at the MTC...I am excited to see you this wednesday Megan! Remember handshakes!(He knows her well doesn't he... I think he was getting his defensive karate moves ready to block her from hugging him.)Every night before lights out at 10:15 as Zone Leaders we go and say goodnight to everyone in our zone. I greatly enjoy this and I can tell the other elders do also. I almost have the first vision memorized in spanish!(That doesn't surprise me!)Matt! If you want to give me any advice go for it!! I love hearing from you! Okay, so I love all of your letters! My district thinks I have the coolest family, which is true, because of the letters you sent me! I have never love those letters more and laughed harder during my time at the MTCSomething exciting that happened this week is I felt the Holy Ghost during a pray I gave. I was expressing grattitude for Jesus Christ and I felt the Holy Ghost and my eyes filled with tears!

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