Sunday, October 25, 2009

Megan's 10-21-09 e-mail

It's crazy. There's no way I've been here a month-today! Its amazing how fast time goes by. Less than 5 more weeks and I'll be flyin' to the other side of the world!! BAH! Yesterday i was getting so excited to go and to be there-I think I was scaring my elders a little bit. I''ve come out of my shell a little bit more every day with the future looks bright. It's been hard some days just not having a buddy there with me, but I just had to change my attitude, and pray and it's gotten better.
Last night in our devotional, the speaker was talking about our purpose here as missionaries and said that if we were out in the middle of the ocean in a little boat and there was nothing in sight, no island, no other boats, we wouldn't have anything to row for. But then he said that if we had an island in sight, and it was our goal to get there, we would have direction, we would have a purpose. "Someone who doesn't have land ahead to row for will become captive to the waves."

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