Thursday, October 1, 2009

Megan's 1st e-mail

i am so happy to be here. I feel the spirit every day...You will never know just how much letters are gold to a missionary until you are one! It is just like a ray of sunshine in my day...Ok, I SAW JOSHHHHH!!!!!!! It was the happiest thing in the whole entire world!!! I was on my first little tour around with this sister who was my host and i heard MEGAN!!! From across the hall and there he was!! HE RAN over to me with his hand stretched out as far as he could with the rest of himself as far away from me as he could...haha! He was so cute! So i was telling my host about him and the whole no hugging situation and so i was giving him a handshake and he just looked soo happy to see me that i looked over at her and i said, "can i hug him???????" and she's like, YEAH!! and so i did and it was soo happy!! As hopefully you got my postcard-i'm a solo sister in my discrict of 19 elders!!!!!!!!!!!! No other sisters. Its crazy!! I have a kaubon (companion) but she's in a different district and she is going to hong kong speaking kantonese!...The language will obviously take work, but it truly is amazing how i am literally filled with hope and faith. Missions are like this: You have all this pressure, you have somtimes a language to learn, to have peoples salvation on your heads, and yet-the burden seems light!!!!!

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