Thursday, October 1, 2009

4th e-mail 9-28-09

Yes I did hug Megan and that was only time allowed. :) Now we just do hand hugs.(Megan's e-mail had the good details!)...The elder we fasted for is staying. :) sigh. He just thinks the mtc feels like a prison....Somedays still feel hard! I am trying to lose myself in the work and I think I am too hard on myself! Any suggestions? I promise I won't be offended! I need help and I can tell Heavenly Father isn't happy when I am too rough on myself. but where is the borderline? (I told Josh once that if he had ANY weaknesses, this was it.) Anyways! We had zone conference this week! It was really fun and inspirtaitonal. My favorite topic we talked about was charity. I believe if charity is in our lives, then we will develop slowly but surely all the other Christlike attributes in our lives... As a district this week we wanted to memorize the first vision in spanish and our entire district did it!

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