Monday, January 4, 2010

Chubby Cheeks

Something else that is so funny to me about the culture-one of the sisters in our apartment-she is so funny-she wants to be fat. Here it's unattractive to be super skinny-it means you're poor and you never eat. She said her self confidence is low if she is getting skinny-and yes, of course, she is this little stick, but she says-when I go home in February my family will be dissapointed-they'll be sad, that I am so skinny. It's so switched from American culture! This morning as we were leaving for Ormoc(where we are now to do some shopping and email) she said, my bite is getting better(she had this really huge bite that turned into an infection that she got pills for later) and it's not as pussy as my only concern is how am I going to get fat? She says, 'I want chubby cheeks! I am so skinny! Ew! It is so crazy. I just look at her in disbelief. when we take pictures and she;s in it she wants to look at it so bad so that she can see if her cheeks look fat or not. So interesting.

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Janet said...

Camille would be paraded around on a decorated stretcher in this culture :)