Monday, January 4, 2010

Josh's 12-29-09 e-mail

Christmas was Amazing!!!! Talking to you Mom and Dad and what we did. We sang at the hospital Christmas hymns. We had 10 elders and visited people and sang for them. My favorite was the kids, I felt it helped them the most. They seemed more happy after we visited them. The spirit was very strong and meaningful. Afterwards two elders cooked meat on a grill in our apartment. I got really smoky because they couldn´t light the coals so they put it on the stove and lit it on FIRE! I couldn´t believe it, but that is how we cooked our meat. I also loved the stocking mom. I sent a picture of how excited I am with it.

Melanie's commentary-this story is evidence that the Lord protects his missionaries even if they don't use all their thinking ability!

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