Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funny Story from Megan

Saturday night we realized as we were walking home from the church after having had a baptism that we didn't have any food for the next day. So we went to the market but almost everything was closed down. So we had to settle for one of the many small little tindahans(means little store)(so what i just said was....the many small little small little stores....hahaha) So we say "Ayo..."(it's like... the american equivalent of knocking) and we start telling her we need a few of these noodle packs and 2 packs of tang, and 2 packs of these crackers. So we say ok, that's all. So she starts calculating our bill and then Sister Williams wants some brownies, and we say sister, can we get 2 brownies and she says "sige" (ok) then we say Tag Pila tanan? (How much for all?) and so she starts calculating again...but then I say wait, we should get some limes for your cold(that was suggested to us from a member to help Sister Williams) so we say wait sister, can we get 4 limes? ....anyways it turned out to be Taco Bell Drive Through Nightmare with the Dustin Family #2!!! Haha. It mades us laugh...and you may be saying, oh well it's not the same because there was no line...oh there was. And they were laughing at our Bisaya. (cebuano) Anywho, it made us a little less stressed, at least me.

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