Monday, January 4, 2010

Inspirational Story from Josh

During personal study I read a talk that I think everyone should read! It is in June 2009 Ensign. It is called the 20 mark note from President Packer. President Packer was in Europe setting up a servicemen mission and then was going to Germany with President Monson, his wife, and others to visit a branch. They were supposed to fly there, but the fog was too thick so they had to take a train. Two elders came and picked them up and took them to the station. They got on the train and as the train was leaving one of the elders asked President Packer if he had any money, he replied "no", and the young elder ran up and gave him money. Later the crew switched and one of the crew noticed President Packer and his wife were not German so they asked for their passports. For some reason they were going to reject the passport of President Packer´s wife! President Packer then had inspiration and gave the 20 mark note to the crew member and the crew member left without rejecting Sister Packer. Later President Packer was talking with a member and the member said this was a Miracle! They should have kicked off Sister Packer, but with the money she stayed. The young elder who gave the money was Elder David A. Bednar! President Packer´s point was our lives are guided. We don´t even realize we are being guided.

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