Monday, January 4, 2010

Megan's Christmas Phone Call

Megan sent us an e-mail with a phone number and time to call her. We had a little difficulty making the connection and part of the time she sounded far away, but in all it was great considering she is more than half way around the world. Here are a few highlights of our conversation:
Bus rides remind her of the scene in Harry Potter movie with the magical scary buses in London
Riding in a 'put put' reminds her of how the Flinstone's car worked (man power). She says they don't run on gas, they run on rice and water (the food the driver/runner eats)
She saw her first baptism in the ocean and it was wonderful
She sits cross legged in most all situations, therefore the full skirts have turned out to be much more practical than the a-line dresses
Her feet are covered in blisters on top of blisters
Common foods: mangoes, coconut, calamari, shrimp,
Toilet paper is rare and the bathroom is called the CR (comfort room)
Drinking water is delivered to their apartment in a 5 gallon jug
Sister Marci is cooking shark for them for a Christmas dinner
She loves the hymn "Faith of our Fathers"
She feels like a geisha girl-umbrella, hair in a bun, pearl earrings
All she wants is for us to share the gospel with someone before she comes home.

The conversation went wonderful until the dreaded good-bye. All of us were speechless and didn't want to be the first to hang up!

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