Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yearning to speak Cebuano

"Success is measured by your willingness to keep on trying." This quote gave me comfort because I've never felt more inadequate in all my life. I don't know the scriptures. I don't feel like I can answer the doctrinal questions of my investigators. Sometimes I feel like I leave them hungry, and it literally hurts me. One, is because I dont' know what they are saying and so how do I teach to someone's needs when they're speaking another language...(!!) That is hard enough in english!! That is hard in enough in the MTC when you are surrrounded by not only members, but called servants of the Lord. That is when I remember that this is the Lord's work. I pray that I will be able to get enough of what they are saying, and then let the spirit guide my fingertips. I can't tell you though how much my very soul yearns to just have a healthy spiritual conversation with someone in Cebuano!

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