Monday, January 4, 2010

Josh's Christmas Phone Call

Josh had e-mailed and told us his mission president had instructed him to buy a 30 minute calling card and he would call us. He called and talked to Rick the Monday before for about 10 minutes to 'set up the call' and then he called us on Christmas Day at noon. The connection was great, but the 20 minutes he had left flew by and I hadn't even asked 1/10 of the questions I had when the line went dead...and so did my heart! Then the phone rang a couple of minutes later and he said his companion was letting him use his calling card to call back just to say good-bye. Oh, the pain...Here are the highlights of his call:
He does lots of service projects-not just on p-day.
He is constantly sweaty as he is not used to the heat and humidity.
He has a refrigerator and a hot plate to cook on.
The members are very good to the missionaries and feed them often.
Their apartment has a gas hot water heater.
He lost his glasses and his contacts burn his eyes for some reason.
He got to practice being the 'senior companion' for a week and realized the intense responsibility that comes with that position.

As with Megan when we actually said good-bye, we were all choked up and couldn't even speak. In his next e-mail he apologized for making me cry. Josh, the most compassionate person I know!

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