Saturday, January 30, 2010

Josh's service projects

We only wore a shirt and tie yesterday for three hours! Because the rest of the day we were doing service! We helped on Romina´s house again. This time we dug a whole for her bathroom. I don´t know how she is going to empty her toilet when it is full….. but it was fun and really big! As tall as I am and from my shoulder to my arm. We went to get lunch afterwards and we were in our work clothes because afterwards we were going to go finish the bathroom hole, and the lady asked what were doing. We told her and then we asked if she needed help with anything, she said no but my friend does. So she went and got her fellow co-worker and we are helping her. We are building a patitio. We dig really deep holes, put sticks in them, and then I think we are going to put a tin roof top.

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