Sunday, July 25, 2010

First baptism interviews

Well, first of all let me say I haven´t grown more than any part of my mission. Like especially when president Northcutt calls you and tells you your district needs to work harder.... That was scary!!! But growth is more than necessary, it is essential in this life. Everything will be fine, like it always is! This week I did my first two interviews for baptism. Both of them were for young men, Emanuel and Julio. Emanuel was really easy and he passed with flying colors. Julio was little different...Julio is mentally slow, but greatly wanted to be baptized. During his interview he didn´t answer any of the questions. Which kinda means I can´t pass him, but at the end of the interview I asked him to say the prayer. Julio started his prayer and ended 10 minutes later. Everything that was needed to pass he said in the prayer. He expressed his love for Christ, how he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet, how he wanted to keep the commandments...etc! Julio was able to pass, I knew he was ready at the end of our interview.

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