Sunday, July 25, 2010

Josh gets taken to JAIL!

This week after getting done with service we were walking back to our pension and a car pulled in front of us. Well, we kept on walking, but some men got out of the car and asked to talk with us. Well we kept talking and they told us that they were the police and needed to talk with us because they had a prisoner that looked like us. We told them that we needed to go to our pension to go get our documents and afterwards we would be happy to help them. They responded that is not important we are the police, get in the car and we are going to the police station. I was so scared. We got in the car and instead of talking to somebody we signed papers, took pictures and fingerprints, and waited in the police station for three hours. During our whole adventure I kept asking myself, everything happens for a reason, why am I here? At the very end one of the workers asked at what hour we had church. He said that long ago he once went to church and now wanted to go back. Just remember everything happens for a reason even with the police!!

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