Sunday, July 25, 2010

Josh's 3rd Area

I am in Jujuy and my companion is Elder Hall, he is not from Bolivia, but from Bosie! Hahahahha. He is a stud. He is so awesome and I feel so blessed to be his companion. He´s ready to work and so am I. Alberdi is extremly small compared to my other area´s in Tucucman and San Pedro. I am the district leader over four elders and two hermanas. I am still nervous, I am excited to grow though. The members are nice here. We eat lunch with them every day and the members I love working with. It sounds like I am being babied in my areas. Hahaha. Awesome members and lunch every day. We share a pension of four elders and we live in an apartment. We have chango mas in my area. Which is like an Argentine walmart.

Melanie's comment: (Anyone notice the English getting progressively worse? Great sign though!)


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