Sunday, July 25, 2010

Josh's 6-14-10 e-mail

I really enjoy Alberdi, the members are great, but I know this area will be sacred to me because I feel I am growing and doing stuff that I thought was impossible, like speaking Spanish and being a leader in the mission. I still feel inadequate, but the Lord can still draw with crooked sticks.(Kimberlee B. Garrett, “Why Did the Lord Call Me?,” Ensign, Oct 2008, 22–23 I learned that the Lord enables imperfect people to work beyond their natural abilities.) Crazy how the lord can make us into people that we always thought were only in our dreams. Today we went to a mountain that has seven different colors in it. It was pretty cool and reminded me of when we lived in New Mexico. The place is called Puramarca. It was really pretty and I bought a little jar of all the different colors in it. I love you all extremly much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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