Sunday, July 25, 2010

Josh's 6-7-10 e-mail

....drum roll....I saw members from San Pedro!!!!! The branch president's (of san pedro) wife is the daughter of a member here!!!! It was so wonderful to see her! I wonder what she thought! Elder Hall said that frequently she eats with us. It was so great! and I guess another member recognized me because one time she was at the hospital in San Pedro and saw me walk, huh? This pension is also by far the funnest, I have ever had. It is three gringos and one Latino, but we all get along wonderfully. The other two elders are Elder Labarca and elder Warndahl. Elder Warndahl is the son of Elder Labarca. I am still learning how to do everything, but we are planning for three baptisms the 19th. They are a daughter and a mom and a cousin of a family in the church. They are the family members of two young men, Samuel and Bernabie. Samuel is amazing. He volunteers to go with us! Yesterday he saw us walking and just ran up to us and went tracting with us for the entire day! They need your prayers. The daughter, Evengelica, is influenced easily by her friends of other churches, but knows the truth. The cousin is Griselda. She lives with her cousin who is professor of english. She accepts everything and has a testimony. Good times!!!!

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