Sunday, July 25, 2010

Josh, the kitten rescuer

Well, this week I felt like I was on a Animal Rescue show. We were walking and we heard this crying from the bank and we couldn´t tell what it was. We finally figured out it was a cat, but on the other side. So Elder Hall stayed on the side where we heard the crying and I went stepping on rocks in the canal to see where the cat was. Well, we found it and it was a kitten. The owner had broken its legs and put it in the river to die. We took this poor baby kitten to basically the city hall. At the city hall they have a place to watch animals who are hurt. I know it was cat, but it also is a creation of our Heavenly Father. They deserve respect. The owner could have given it to family who would have liked to have a cat, instead of throwing it in the river.

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