Sunday, July 25, 2010

Josh's 6-28-10 e-mail

I had another baptismal interview this week for a man named Carlos. He is such a stud! When I was talking with him, his testimony seemed to be burning! He smoked before and now he doesn´t. He chews alot of gum to not smoke, but when we said the prayers he took of his hat both times. That shows a lot of respect.

There is a song that I would like you to listen to, if you have time. I listen to it every day to remember why am I here. It is called ¨When All Is Said and Done.¨ I know it is a EFY song, but maybe you can find in another place. The words, at least for me, are really profound and has made me think deeply about my life and how I am using it. Have I been faithful friend? When I die will people say I loved my family? I want at the end of my life to hear the words, "Well Done." This is one of my deepest desires. To live with Christ again.

Katherine Nelson sings this for EFY 1999, A Season For Courage:
When all is said and done as the season slips away
When I've taken steps beyond my sight
Will I find my strength in greater light?
Will my courage grow with every passing day?
And will my faith be constant as the setting sun
When all is said and done?

When all is said and done and the years have turned to gold
Will my life become a legacy of the things that matter most to me
Will the fire of faith burn bright as I grow old
And will I want to be the person I've become
When all is said and done?

When all is said and done when my eyes can finally see
Will I glory in the sweet release?
And will mercy fill my soul with peace?
Will I kneel and wonder at the Savior's feet?
Will I hear Him say, 'Well done.'
When He sees who I've become
Will I live with Him when all is said and done?

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